Collaborative Law

Yes! We care and care. Together we will create the future!

Our office is based on a collaborative approach, i.e. we help entrepreneurs and projects get off the ground, with

the right legal support.


The Collaborative Law Area was created as a result of our members’ desire to help develop new businesses and projects, giving back and collaborating with the flourishing of opportunities and the sustainable growth of society.

We divide Collaborative Law into two forms: "Pro-Bono Services" (free) and "Partnership" (freemium). To find out more about our Collaborative Law program, please contact our Partners.


We believe in your Project and want to be your business partner. We know that often, to get projects off the ground, validation and legal certainty are necessary. Therefore, we will provide consultancy and legal advice according to the development stages of your Project.

Trusting in your potential and our remuneration will be based on success and/or in accordance with pre-established premises between STARC and you.

Legal cannot stagnate the progress and development of your Project, count on us!


Here we offer our services completely free of charge, according to certain requirements. To apply for our Pro-Bono services, contact us and present your Project.

In addition to proven hyposufficiency, the participants’ Projects must have as their objective:

Sociais, socioambientais e filantrópicos;

Tecnológicos e de sustentabilidade;

Pesquisas técnicas e científicas;

To apply, fill out the form below.